Q: is high rollerz a public event?

A: No, this event is a private event open to adults 21 and older and tickets for each event are made available for purchase prior to each through our mailing list and other databases. We may not announce the exact location of each event prior, but only the general area, and then email out the location to all competitors and attendants the day before the event to keep this event "private" by California definition and preserve consumption.

Q: What are the requirements for attendance?

A: You must be 21 year of age or older to attend High Rollerz. Please make sure to bring and present your ID at the venue.

Q: is your tournament open or invitation-only?

A: High Rollerz is currently an open tournament in concept but we vet and approve all competitor entries and work with our sponsors first and foremost to place competitors. Chances are that we move towards an invitation-only model in the near future.

Q: how does one sponsor high rollerz?

A: We are always open for new sponsors! Please contact Matt at mightymatt@highrollerzbjj.com for more information!

Q: How can i compete for highrollerz?

A: Please register on our website to compete. Each event will have it's own Eventbrite link to purchase tickets. We will reach out to you for more information and to lock you in afterwards.

Q: Does high rollerz sponsor competitors?

A: Currently we do not directly sponsor athletes however many of our sponsors do. We do intend to launch a sponsorship program in coming months.

Q: does one need to be sponsored by cannabis brand to compete?

A: No, competitors do not need a cannabis sponsor to compete.

Q: do you allow media at your events?

A: Yes, we allow media outlets access to our events. Please contact mightymatt@highrollerzbjj.com for more information.