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cannabis-infused jiu jitsu

the dopest martial arts show in the world



High Rollerz is a cannabis-infused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and show created by 'Big Lonn' Howard & 'Mighty Matt' Staudt. Our goal is to formally and responsibly merge the worlds of martial arts and cannabis and work towards de-stigmatizing this amazing substance through education and example. We know cannabis to be a powerful, natural tool that helps humans in many ways and we feel the most physically fit and motivated people in the world who regularly use it and perform at an extraordinary level are the best spokespeople for it. We also love and support jiu jitsu and all its members. We seek to provide fun, alternative tournaments and shows to you while always working towards achieving your respect as a well-run promotion. We also love connecting our athletes with our sponsors and connections and helping many find the financial support to continue to do what they love with their full attention,


OPENS & Quailifiers

We are now releasing 2019 dates & locations for our Gi & No-Gi OPENS & QUALIFIERS.

OPENS will consist of various divisions and 16-competitor brackets matching for cash prizes and medals while QUALIFIERS are your way way into our next show bracket to battle for a larger cash prize and the belt at the end of the year.


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By far the coolest martial arts event i’ve ever been to
— joe schilling